Stefano Di Talia, Assistant Professor

PhD, The Rockefeller University, 2009

Postdoc, Princeton University, Eric Wieschaus lab







Anna Chao, Lab Manager

PhD, University of Pennsylvania






Ben Cox, DSCB graduate student

BS, University of Texas, Austin

Research Project: Quantitative live imaging of regeneration in zebrafish (co-mentor: Ken Poss)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship



VictoriaVictoria Deneke, CMB graduate student

BS, University of Notre Dame

Research Project: Cell cycle regulation in early Drosophila embryos; Chemical waves

HHMI International Student Research Fellowship &Faculty for the Future Fellowship (Schlumberger Foundation)


Patrick Ferree, CMB graduate student

BS, University of California, San Diego

Research Project: Temporal regulation of transcription and cell division during Drosophila gastrulation



IMG_1562Woonyung Hur, CMB graduate student

BS, Duke University

Research Project: Cdk oscillations and organelle size control



 Alessandro De Simone, Postdoctoral Fellow 

PhD, EPFL (Pierre Gönczy lab)

Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship

Research Project: Zebrafish regeneration


Luke Hayden, graduate student

BS, Purdue University

Project: TBD





Alberto Puliafito, Honorary lab member

IRCC, Turin, Italy


Research Projects: Quantitative analysis of early mouse embryonic development and zebrafish regeneration.






Maggie Xing, Duke undergraduate

Research Project:
Regulation of the cell cycle at the Drosophila mid-blastula transition

Current position: Medical Student at Washington University, St. Louis





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