Stefano Di Talia, Associate Professor

PhD, The Rockefeller University, 2009

Postdoc, Princeton University, Eric Wieschaus lab






Anna Chao, Lab Manager

PhD, University of Pennsylvania





Yitong Xu, CMB graduate student

BS, Nanjing University, China

Project: Scaling in early Drosophila embryos




Nitya Ramkumar, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering (Kathryn Anderson lab), co-mentored with Ken Poss

Project: Cell division in zebrafish regeneration






Christian Richardson, CBB graduate student

BS, North Carolina Central University

Project: Mechanotransduction in zebrafish skin






Susanna Brantley, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Stanford University (Minx Fuller lab)

Project: Signaling and transcriptional dynamics in Drosophila embryos


Ashley Rich, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, University of Chicago (Michael Glotzer lab)

Project: Control of size and shape in zebrafish regeneration




Priyom Adhyapok, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Indiana University (James Glazier lab)

Project: Notochord patterning in zebrafish


Alvin Lu, CMB graduate student

BS, Imperial College Longdon

Project: Fibroblast regeneration in zebrafish caudal fin





Sushant Bangru, Postdoctoral fellow

PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Project: Control of gene expression during regeneration





Rocky Diegmiller, Postdoctoral fellow

PhD, Princeton University

Project: Control of positional information during regeneration






Maggie Xing, Duke undergraduate

Current position: Ophthalmology Resident at Washington University, St. Louis

Victoria Deneke, CMB graduate student

Current position: Postdoc, Andi Pauli lab IMP Vienna

Ben Cox, DSCB/UPGG graduate student

Current Position: Postdoc, Celina Juliano lab UC Davis

Patrick Ferree, CMB graduate student

Current position, Postdoc in Copenhagen, Denmark

Alessandro De Simone, Postdoctoral Fellow 

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics & Evolution, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Luke Hayden, CBB graduate student

Current Position: Data Scientist, Cleveland Clinics

Woonyung Hur, CMB graduate student

Current Position: Postdoc, Kat Hadjantonakis & Eric Siggia labs, MSKCC and The Rockefeller University

Maya Evanitsky, DSCB/UPGG graduate student


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