Stefano Di Talia, Associate Professor

PhD, The Rockefeller University, 2009

Postdoc, Princeton University, Eric Wieschaus lab







Anna Chao, Lab Manager

PhD, University of Pennsylvania




IMG_1562Woonyung Hur, CMB graduate student

BS, Duke University

Research Project: Histone Locus Body formation and nuclear positioning in Drosophila embryos



Maya Evanitsky, DSCB graduate student

BS, Penn State University

Project: Signaling dynamics in scale development and regeneration






Yitong Xu, CMB graduate student

BS, Nanjing University, China

Project: Scaling in early Drosophila embryos




Nitya Ramkumar, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering (Kathryn Anderson lab), co-mentored with Ken Poss

Project: Cell division in zebrafish regeneration






Christian Richardson, CBB graduate student

BS, North Carolina Central University

Project: Mechanotransduction in zebrafish skin






Susanna Brantley, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Stanford University (Minx Fuller lab)

Project: Signaling and transcriptional dynamics in Drosophila embryos


Ashley Rich, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, University of Chicago (Michael Glotzer lab)

Project: Control of size and shape in zebrafish regeneration




Priyom Adhyapok, Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Indiana University (James Glazier lab)

Project: Notochord patterning in zebrafish



Maggie Xing, Duke undergraduate

Current position: Ophthalmology Resident at Washington University, St. Louis

Victoria Deneke, CMB graduate student

Current position: Postdoc, Andi Pauli lab IMP Vienna

Ben Cox, DSCB graduate student

Current Position: Postdoc, Celina Juliano lab UC Davis

Patrick Ferree, CMB graduate student

Current position, Postdoc in Copenhagen, Denmark

Alessandro De Simone, Postdoctoral Fellow 

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics & Evolution, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Luke Hayden, CBB graduate student

Current Position: Data Scientist, Cleveland Clinics



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