Team Projects


Operation Climate

The Operation Climate Podcast team sought to make an easily accessible, “one-stop-shop” for all things geoengineering. The podcast is separated into three 10-15 minute episodes that cover the basics of geoengineering. Altogether, the podcast provides a comprehensive overview of what geoengineering is and why it is important.


Marine Cloud Brightening

First proposed by American climatologist John Latham, seawater is sprayed into the atmosphere, allowing water vapor to condense upon the salt particles and formulate clouds with higher albedo. MCB is uniquely positioned as a viable option to address extreme temperature events that drive global environmental destruction.


North Carolina Carbon Dioxide Removal

To educate readers on the utility of trees as a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) strategy, the team crafted two editorials to be published in local newspapers and on online news sites. The two pieces address the advantages of urban tree cover as a carbon mitigation method as well as the co-benefits of planting trees.