North Carolina Carbon Dioxide Removal

The North Carolina Carbon Dioxide Removal team was comprised of Duke Law student Andrew Frank and Trinity College undergraduates Ari Bechtel, Elliott Davis, and Peter Polonsky Jr.. To educate readers on the utility of trees as a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) strategy, the team crafted two editorials to be published in local newspapers and on online news sites.

The first piece, “Could trees be the low-hanging fruit of climate action?,” addresses the unique advantages that trees have over alternative CDR options and proposes using tree-planting as a complement to current carbon dioxide mitigation efforts. The second piece, “Trees in the Triangle: Good for Climate Action and Much More,” highlights how the Triangle area, in particular, has the potential to capture more carbon by increasing urban tree cover. The piece also discusses the co-benefits of urban tree cover to public health as well the current state and future of urban tree cover in the Durham area.