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Panopto 5.0 Upgrade

By: Todd Stabley

Mark your calendars for May 9 when we are rolling out some significant improvements for DukeCapture (Panopto). We are moving to version 5.0 of Panopto, which supports a number of highly anticipated new features, including a long-awaited overhaul of the Mac Recorder, a newly updated Windows recorder to match it, and enhancements to the Panopto Mobile app that allow, among other things, a Creator to be granted access to schedule particular room recording PCs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.45.36 AM
The new Mac Recorder

In addition to the features noted above,  5.0 includes:

  • Live webcasting for the Mac recorder
  • DVR-like rewind and pause functionality for live broadcasts while they are in progress
  • New visual representation for subfolders in the web interface for Admins and Creators
  • Record up to three video sources for the Mac and Windows recorders
  • Support for Keynote 6.5 and above

Full release notes can be found here:

Also note Panopto’s blog entry about 5.0, which provides a thorough description of some of the headline features:

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