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November 30, 2023

New Blackmagic Camera App

By: Michael Blair

Blackmagic recently released a free camera app for the iPhone, an especially welcome offering as other feature-rich camera apps adopt paid subscription models. Like those paid apps, it allows you to utilize the built-in video capabilities of your iPhone with...
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October 15, 2023

Adobe MAX 2023 was All About AI

By: Stephen Toback

Adobe MAX 2023, the world's premier creativity conference, commenced with a focus on introducing new AI-driven tools and features that continue to redefine creative workflows. Adobe introduced three new Firefly models: Image 2, Vector, and Design Models, enhancing content generation...
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October 10, 2023

DxRevive and audio

By: Devon Henry

DxRevive is a new audio filter on fxfactory that promises to “restore any speech recording to studio-like clarity”. So we thought we'd see what that meant in practice. I grabbed some audio on the quad last week during booth set...
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September 15, 2023

Steve In Italiano

By: Stephen Toback

I admit that ever since I've started working with artificial intelligence, I've overused the word "amazing". Forget all of those amazing things because THIS is amazing. Take a video of at least 2 minutes long, upload it. The software:...
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August 17, 2023

Speed Doesn’t Matter

By: Stephen Toback

[caption id="attachment_4580" align="alignnone" width="285"] Image generated by DALL-E[/caption] Often debated, here's a new study that shows speed of playback of lecture recording has no impact on comprehension.    
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