Funding sources include (and are not limited to): Research Assistantships funded by their mentor’s research funding, Teaching Assistantships, Students own research grants or fellowships or internal fellowships.  Additional funding is available from The Graduate School at Duke, as are other forms of support such as child care subsidies. A once-a-year conference travel award is available for five years to enrolled MSC PhD students ($500 annually; contact the DGSA for details). Additionally, for students who have passed their preliminary exams, additional Graduate School travel and conference funding is available. In both cases you must apply ahead of time for the funding.


There are a variety of funding opportunities for Master’s students, look for funding blasts from the NSOE to your Duke email. A popular source for Marine Lab students is the Joseph S. Ramus Endowment Fund , which invites one-year proposals for research projects and equipment purchases from Duke University faculty and students researching environmental issues in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System. Contact Rebecca Smith for more information.

Non-NSOE sources:

** Note: These links include research-related, travel-related, or conference-related opportunities to serve a variety of needs.

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