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(C = Class, D = Discussion)

Note that this schedule is in development and subject to change.

WeekDateContentVideos DueSuggested ReadingWork Due
1W 1/20C1: What is Computer Science (slides)2: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
F 1/22D1: Algorithmic Problem Solving
D1 Walkthrough Video
2M 1/25C2: Java, Classes, & Objects (Slides)Algorithms & APIs
Java Classes & Objects
Sakai Video quizzes
3: Basic Objects
4: Basic Methods + Classes
D1 Reflect
W 1/27C3: Arrays, ArrayLists, Loops, & Tradeoffs (Slides)Arrays, Loops
Sakai Video quizzes
ArrayList Tradeoffs
8: Loops
9: Arrays
10: ArrayList
F 1/29D2: P0, APTs, P1
D2 Walkthrough Video
Sakai Video quizzes
3M 2/1C4: APIs, Interfaces, & ImplementationsClasses
Classes, Static
Sakai Video quizzes
11: Methods Continued
12: Classes Continued
D2 Reflect
APT1 Reflect
W 2/3C5: Maps & SetsSets, Interfaces
More Maps
Sakai Video quizzes
13: Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Inheritance
P0: Person
F 2/5D3: P1 & APT2
D3 Walkthrough Video
4M 2/8C6: Sets, Maps, DIYAD ArrayList DIYAD ArrayList
Sakai Video quiz
14: Hashing, HashMap, HashSetP1: NBody
W 2/10C7: P2 & DIYAD ArrayListHashing
Sakai Video quiz
APT2 Reflect
F 2/12D4: Map/Set Problems & P2
D4 Walkthrough Video
5M 2/15C8: Hashing, HashMaps, & HashSetsP2: Markov 1
W 2/17C9: P3MinE2
MinE1 Retake (optional)
F 2/19D5: APT3
6M 2/22C10: Runtime & MemoryGit - Overview
Git - Working in Pairs
The 7-Steps
Sakai Video quizzes
15: Efficiency and Complexity of AlgorithmsP3: Markov 2
W 2/24C11: Asymptotic (Big-O) AnalysisList Interface & Analysis
Sakai Video quiz
APT3 Reflect
F 2/26D6: APTQuiz1 Practice
Open in Sakai: 7:00 PM
7M 3/1C12: Pointers & LinkedListLinkedList & Nodes
Coding with LinkedList Nodes
Sakai Video quizzes
16: Memory, Pointers, and LinkedListMinE3
MinE2 Retake (optional)
W 3/3C13: More LinkedList; P4
F 3/5D7: LinkedList
8M 3/8C14: Analyzing RecursionRecursion
Recursion Problems
Sakai Video quizzes
17: RecursionAPT Quiz 1 (released 3/4)
W 3/10C15: Break: No Class Held
No office hours 3/9-3/10
F 3/12D8: More LinkedList
9M 3/15C16: Sorting, Comparable, ComparatorSorting API
Sorting Algorithms
Sakai Video quizzes
18: Sorting Theory and PracticeP4: LinkStrand
W 3/17C17: Stacks, Queues, Priority Queues, P5: AutocompleteStacks, Queues, Priority Queues
Sakai Video quizzes
19: Stacks, Queues, HeapsAPT4
APT4 Reflect
F 3/19D9: APT5 (Sorting APTs)
10M 3/22C18: Intro Binary Search TreesBinary Trees
Sakai Video quiz
20: Binary TreesMinE4
MinE3 Retake
W 3/24C19: Trees, Tree Problems, RecursionBinary Trees and Recursion
Sakai video quiz
F 3/26D10: APT 5 (Trees)APT Practice Quiz 2 (optional, just for practice)
11M 3/29C20: DFS, BFS, P6Graphs, BFS, DFS
Sakai Video Quiz
22: GraphsAPT5
APT5 Reflect
W 3/31C21: Union Find, More P6NoneAPT Quiz 1 Due (Released 3/27)
F 4/2D11: Tree Problems
12M 4/5C22: Greedy AlgorithmsGreedy Algorithms
Sakai Video Quiz
MinE4 Retake
W 4/7C23: Greedy and Trees, P7: HuffmanCompression
Huffman Coding
Sakai Video quizzes
P6: Percolation [extended to Th 4/8]
F 4/9D12: No Discussion Meeting
13M 4/12C24 Wellness Day
W 4/14C25: Greedy, P7 HuffmanAPT6
APT6 Reflect
F 4/16D13: Greedy, P7 Huffman
14M 4/19C26: No class meeting, good luck with mini examsMinE6
MinE5 Retake
W 4/21C27: Limits of Computing, Roadmap of CSLimits of Computing
[no video quiz]
P7: Huffman
[extended to Th 4/22]
F 4/23D14(optional) P8: Create
15Sat 5/1Final Exam