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Class Box Folder

All shared files that are not in the course repositories will be in the class Box folder. This includes pdfs of all the slides used in class.


Beginning on December 30, 2020, you can purchase and access the course textbook. We use an enhanced online textbook called a zybook that is (a) cheaper than a traditional textbook, (b) has more concise text, and (c) includes interactive examples, demos, and participation activities to check your understanding. It costs $49, and is strongly recommended for all students, especially if you do not have prior experience programming in Java. To purchase, follow the steps below.

1. Sign in or create an account at
2. Enter zyBook code: DUKECOMPSCI201Spring2021
3. Subscribe

A subscription is $49. Students may begin subscribing on Dec 30, 2020 and the cutoff to subscribe is Apr 19, 2021. Subscriptions will last until May 17, 2021.

Java and Tools

In addition to these Compsci 201 at Duke specific documents, see the official documentation for the following:

Duke Coursera

Duke Coursera is a partnership with the popular online learning platform Coursera whereby Duke students have free access to all of the online courses that have been created by Duke faculty. Duke CS & ECE Faculty (in collaboration with others) created Object Oriented Programming in Java. It is an excellent introduction to CS 101 and 201 content that is available to you for free. It consists of 4 courses. We especially recommend:

Anonymous Comments

Anonymous comment box only to the professors – Have a comment (good or bad) about the class? Feel free to leave us a comment! Only the professors of the class will see it.

Grade Correction Requests

Grade Correction Request Form.