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Piazza is an online question/answer/discussion forum we use in this class. You can access it through the link on the course Sakai page or directly at  There are many of you and a much smaller number of us (professor and TAs). Therefore, we will use Piazza to support everyone having their questions answered and getting help faster. This means you should feel free to not only ask questions on Piazza but answer questions. Helping each other with the material is a great way to improve your understanding of the material because only when you can explain it to another can you really master it.

If you choose to use piazza, we ask that you follow the guidelines established for this course. You can find them pinned on piazza here. Note in particular that you should never post your own code publicly for other students, should be respectful of all other members of the course at all times, and should always try to understand where you are stuck and what other similar questions have been asked before prior to posting your own questions.

Office/Helper Hours

We have virtual evening helper hours staffed by undergraduate teaching assistants. Here are pictures, contacts, and hours for all of our teaching assistants. All evening hours will take place over Zoom. Here is the Zoom link for TA helper hours. We also make use of My Digital Hand Beta (MDH), a queuing system, to help make evening office hours more efficient. Here are video instructions on how to use MDH Beta by the creator of MDH.

  • Primary hours are between 7 – 11 pm US Eastern Time Sunday – Thursday evenings, during which there will typically be three teaching assistants available to help.
  • We also have a late shift Sunday and Tuesday – Thursday (but not Monday) from 11 pm – 1 am US Eastern Time with one teaching assistant available. Please note that the later shift is intended primarily for those in different time zones or with extenuating circumstances: You should not assume that you will be able to join after 11 pm on the night of assignment deadlines and get help before the 11:59 pm deadline.

In addition to evening helper hours, the instructors and graduate teaching assistants have daytime office hours. All times listed in US Eastern Time.

OIT Co-lab and Tech Help

The Innovation Co-Lab supports tech all over campus. They have staff professionals and experienced students who can help you with tech questions and needs from Java/Intellij installation to Git and much more. To see office hours times, make appointments, and see learning opportunities, visit

Duke Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free services to all students during their undergraduate careers at Duke.  Services include Learning Consultations, Peer Tutoring, Learning Communities, ADHD/LD Coaching, Outreach Workshops, GRE/MCAT Prep, Study Connect, and more. Because learning is a process unique to every individual, we work with each student to discover and develop their own academic strategy for success at Duke. Contact the ARC to schedule an appointment. Undergraduates in any year, studying any discipline can benefit! • 919-684-5917, 211 Academic Advising Center Building, East Campus – behind Marketplace.

Request for extensions

If you need an extension on a project or APT set, you can request one using our extensions request form.