Module 06: Combining Data

  1. Prepare (due M 2/14)
    1. Content below
    2. Sakai quizzes
  2. Peer Instructions — See on the class forum
  3. Homework (due Su 2/20)


6.A – Summarizing Data

  1. Read Section 3.8 Aggregating and Grouping from Python Data Science Handbook.
  2. Read Section 3.9 Pivot Tables from Python Data Science Handbook.

6.B – Merging Data

  1. Record Linkage (8 min.)
  2. Read Section 3.6 Concat and Append from Python Data Science Handbook. Please note that the join_axes optional parameter mentioned in this section has been deprecated from the Pandas library, you can skip over the details on this parameter.
  3. Read Section 3.7 Merge and Join from Python Data Science Handbook
  4. Fuzzy Matching (21 min.)

Optional Supplements