Mini-Exam 4 Retake

Mini-Exam 4 Retake Logistics

  • Timeframe: It will open Monday 4/25, 12:01 AM, and close Wednesday 4/27, 11:59 PM.
    • The exam will close at 11:59 pm regardless of when you started.
    • This is so it is during the class’s final exam period.
  • It assesses the same thing as Mini-exam 4.
    • You may use things that you have learned that were not in the modules that this exam is testing but you can answer it without knowing any modules beyond what this exam is testing.
  • The data sets and events will be different.
  • You do not need to do both parts. You can only do one part if you wish. You must do ALL of the questions in that part though. We will take the max score per part.
  • All other information is similar to Mini-Exam 1’s. Such as getting the files, Gradescope, Sakai, asking for help, grading policy, etc.