Shared Course Initiatives

Duke University, the University of Virginia, and Vanderbilt University have partnered to offer courses in languages not often taught in the Western academic curriculum through a shared course initiative. Classes are taught to students on all three campuses through synchronous, high-quality video conferencing and/or telepresence classrooms. Courses are offered at the elementary, intermediate, and in some cases advanced levels, and fulfill world language requirements at each university.

Currently, each university is offering at least one language, although we hope to be able to offer more languages in the future. Duke offers Haitian Creole and Turkish, the University of Virginia offers Swahili, and Vanderbilt University offers K’iche’ Maya. The first (Elementary I) and third (Intermediate I) semester of each language will be offered every fall, and the second (Elementary II) and fourth (Intermediate II) semester courses will be offered every spring. In these classes, students learn to speak the language, and study it in its cultural as well as historical contexts. They are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.