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Develop your language fluency with a tutorial based on case studies in global issues

Learn Haitian Creole, K’iche’ Maya, Swahili or Turkish through the Duke-UVA-Vanderbilt consortium.

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Malagasy added to Less Commonly Taught Languages at Duke

Malagasy taught at Duke for the first time! “A truly global institution such as Duke needs to offer a wide array of languages, so as not to flatten the world into a few linguistic clusters. Less Commonly Taught Languages are key to understanding other ways of seeing, thinking and being in the world. For students […]

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A Practical Way to Learn a Language, and a New Perspective

No matter what you’re studying, there’s no escaping the role of language. It’s just how humans communicate. Yet, there is a generation of students whose experience with language classes consists almost entirely of conversations about a single subject: travel. “Language used to be taught in a contextual vacuum,” explained Deb Reisinger, an associate professor of […]

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CLAC in the Washington Post

Professor Deb Reisinger, director of the CLAC program, was quoted in a Washington Post article about teaching classes in other languages. Read the article at the Washington Post website.


What is CLAC?

The Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) program was founded at Duke in 2013. Duke’s language departments offer a wide array of courses that span the arts, humanities, and the professions. The CLAC program expands upon these offerings by embedding innovative programming in Public Policy, Global Health, Environmental Studies, Marketing, Music, and more. Hallmarks […]