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Working Papers

  • The effects of a ‘None of the Above’ ballot paper option on voting behavior and election outcomes, with Ben Greiner and Anita Zednik, NEW [web]
  • Gradual bidding in eBay-like auctions, with James Burns and Yuhta Ishii, NEW version [web]
  • On asynchronicity of moves and coordination, with Yuhta Ishii, NEW [web]
  • Democratic punishment in public good games with perfect and imperfect observability, with Ben Greiner, NEW [web]
  • Compensated Discount Functions – An Experiment on the Influence of Expected Income on Time Preferences, with Tinna Asgeirsdottir, Jawwad Noor and Laszlo Sandor, New version! [web]
  • Legislative bargaining with long finite horizons, with Shih En Lu, NEW version [web]
  • Testing an informational theory of legislation: Evidence from the U.S. Hosue of Representatives, with Laszlo Sandor and Hye Young You [web]


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