Anna H. Casey completed her doctorate in Behavior, Cognition and Neuroscience at American University and is a first-year fellow at the Duke Center for Aging. Dr. Casey’s dissertation research investigated the effects of task effort on the observing response in tufted capuchins at the NICHD’s Laboratory of Comparative Ethology. Her co-mentors are William C. Wetsel, PhD (Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Duke and Director of the Mouse Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Analysis Core Facility); Anne D. Yoder, (Braxton Craven Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Director of the Duke Lemur Center); and Richard O’Brien, (Disque D. Deane University Professor and Chair of Neurology. Dr. Casey is currently examining age-related cognitive decline in gray mouse lemurs. Results from her cognitive-behavioral tests will be compared with genotyping and brain imaging to assess the viability of the mouse lemur model for late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.