Articles with pdf links

Wharton, “Doll’s House,” Journal of American Studies, 2019

Wharton, “Good and Bad Images: Dura,” Art History, 1994 Reprinted in Late Antique and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean World, Blackwell Anthologies in Art History, 2007.

Wharton, “Ritual and Reconstructed Meaning: The Neonian Baptistery in Ravenna,” Art Bulletin, 1987 Included in the 2011 centennial collection of the best articles published in the Art Bulletin.

Wharton, The Tribune Tower: Spolia as Despoliation, 2011

Wharton, Relics, Protestants, Things, Journal of Material Religion, 2014

Wharton, Jerusalem’s Zions, Journal of Material Religion, 2013  Editors’ choice: one of ten articles to appear in the Tenth Anniversary Collection of the Journal of Material Culture.

Wharton, Duke Architecture, SAQ, 1991

Wharton, Jewish Art, Jewish art, Images, 2007 Published as the preview article of the first issue of the journal Images.

Wharton, “The Public Sphere in Second Life,” Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009

Wharton and Amiri, “Home in Jerusalem: The American Colony,” Journal of Post-Medieval Archaeology, 2010

Wharton, “Erasure: Eliminating the Space of Late Ancient Judaism,” in From Dura to Sepphoris: Studies in Jewish Art and Society in Late Antiquity, ed. Lee L. Levine, Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series, no. 40 (Ann Arbor, MI: 2000), 195-214.

Wharton, “Scaffold, Model, Metaphor,” ARPA (Applied Research Practices in Architecture, Columbia School of Architecture), 4 (2016) 


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