Barzakh Is the New Black – Kayla Smith

What comes to mind when one thinks of Dubai, or perhaps Qatar? Skyscrapers and luxury vehicles are what comes to my mind. In her book Tribal Modern, Miriam Cooke offers an inside look into the Gulf States and how its citizens’ unspeakable wealth from oil drilling is transforming the national identities of their members, for […]

The Modern and Traditional: A Reality – Michelle Rodriguez

The 1970s introduced a new of era of wealth within countries like Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE, propelling their economies towards growth and societies towards modernity. Among these states, previously existing tribes had to make a decision as state borders hardened, either become a citizen or maintain their tribal (yet stateless) identities. In Miriam Cooke’s […]

Tribal Perspectives and Modern Voices – Bailey Carkenord

At first glance, the title of miriam cooke’s 2014 book Tribal Modern seems to be an oxymoron. “Tribal” invokes images of the archaic, the traditional, and the rudimentary, while “modern” is associated with the new, the dynamic, and the technological. The driving argument of cooke’s book, however, is that the two are not, in fact, […]