Fun Fact: I can sense auras and essences. I’m sensitive to energies. Also important to know: In my experience, the essence and/or aura of a person or place can change from one day to another: however, this is rare. Most aura’s are consistent.

These kinds of self-proclamations are usually useless and dubbed as “crazy talk,” but please try to keep this context as you read my following thoughts on Marrakech…

Even during the unbearingly hot days, juice vendors, henna tattoo artists, and snake charmers with cobras fill the main square. Hopeful and joyful energies fill the square, a mixture of a reliable rusty red with hints of a harmonious golds and yellows. Marrakech is even more vibrant when the sun sets.

Never have I seen such a drastic change in aura, especially one so consistent as Marrakech’s daily one.

As soon as the sun sets, when the city cools down enough for families to leave the shelter their homes provide from the unforgiving sun, an energy fills the city like no other. There are the same rusty red and golds, but there are also mysterious blues and warm purples, all blending together as if part of a sunrise. All after sunset.

Herds of Berber musicians beating their drums and vocalizing, the crowds swaying in enchantment. Acrobats performing acts that has one questioning the human anatomy. Marrakech is unreal, and simultaneously it is  the only reality surrounding you.

The fluidity of the surroundings can be off-putting. At the heart of this reality, there are the blues and purples, and as one nears the edges, golds and red blend into the blues and purples. It’s an inverted color explosion

Ana and I were guided by our friend after most of our group had gone back to our Riad. We walked aimlessly, Ana and I awestruck by the vibrance Marrakech exerted in the night.

We ended up walking four miles that night, and never did we feel tired. Good energies never let you feel tired.

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