Information for Prospective Graduate Students:

The work in my lab consists of theory-driven empirical work on animal systems that serve as models for understanding the evolution of mating and social systems.  Students in my lab have interests that are closely connected to my own.  Projects may have a quantitative genetic component, or a hormone analysis component, as well as drawing on long-term field data and short-term field work.  My work is less heavily involved with molecular ecology or genetics these days, as much of the baboon project genetic analysis has shifted to the lab of my colleague Dr. Jenny Tung (

If you are interested in becoming a member of my lab, you should:

  1. Read my statement of research interests, linked to the lab homepage.
  2. Read some of the work that my collaborators and I have done in recent years.
  3. Send me an email or a letter if you decide that our interests coincide well. You should include the following:
    • a detailed statement of why you want to attend graduate school and why my lab is a good fit for you,
    • any publications you have produced (or the citations for them if they are already published and you don’t want to send the reprint),
    • the names and institutions of the people you will ask for letters of recommendation (letters are not necessary in this packet),
    • your GPA and GRE scores (including your percentile scores, not just the raw scores),
    • a list of the courses that have mattered the most to you in biology (and other fields if relevant),
    • a list of the math, statistics and other quantitative courses you’ve taken
  4. Plan to apply to the Graduate School at Duke University. For information go to the Department of Biology web page and click on “graduate program”. NOTE THAT APPLICANTS ARE RANKED BY THE ENTIRE FACULTY, AND ADMITTANCE IS A JOINT DECISION OF THE ENTIRE FACULTY.
  5. A few weeks to a month after sending these things to me, drop me an email just to check in and confirm that I’ve received them.
  6. If possible, plan to visit me before the decision process is complete (i.e., before the end of January of the year you hope to matriculate).