Susan Alberts (

Susan is the head of the lab.





Laurence Gesquiere (

Laurence is a senior research scientist in the lab.  She manages the hormone research and runs the hormone lab.  Her research centers on projects in behavioral endocrinology and behavioral ecology largely focused on the wild baboon population of Amboseli.  Her ongoing research includes patterns of “cross-sex” hormones:  estrogen in male and testosterone in female baboons, and age-related changes in baboon physiology.


Jake Gordon (

Jake is the lab’s data manager. He maintains our online database, and oversees entry of our behavioral data.  Jake also maintains the online records of our archives of baboon tissues, DNA, and RNA.


Beniamino Tuliozi (

Beniamino joined the lab as a postdoc in January 2023. His research examines how the social environment influences the fitness and behavior of group-living animals, ultimately shaping their evolution. To this end he employs quantitative genetics approaches to analyze long-term behavioral and life history datasets.



Maria Creighton (

Maria joined the lab as a PhD student in 2021.  She is interested in determining how animal’s social tendencies influence survival and fitness-related outcomes under different environmental contexts.  To answer this question, she leverages individual, group, and species level data on wild animals.




Kenzie Cromer (

Kenzie joined the lab as a PhD student in Fall 2023.  Her research interests include the evolution of sociality, maintenance of social hierarchies, and sex differences in vulnerability to stress.