I will strive to be transparent, collaborative, and equitable throughout the grading process.

My expectation is that you will turn in assignments on time. If you become concerned that you will be unable to complete an assignment on time, contact me to discuss this issue. If the deadline concerns one set by your sub-team, you must also contact your sub-team members and inform them when and how you will meet your responsibilities.

Prior to beginning work on each key deliverable, we will collaboratively set expectations for the process (for example, requirements pertaining to deadlines, number of drafts, and modes of offering feedback) and the product (for example, requirements pertaining to quality and length of the deliverable). After you complete the deliverable, we will discuss how you succeeded in meeting those expectations and in what areas there was room for more focused improvement.

Your final grade will be based on the two areas below.

1. Team Meetings and Open Collaboration (50% of your final grade)

  • Attendance. Attendance at all team meetings is required.
  • Participation. My expectation is that you will be an engaged member of our team and contribute meaningfully during team meetings.
  • Preparation. My expectation is that you will arrive to team meetings having completed all assignments and ready to contribute to our shared goals for the meeting.
  • Email. My expectation is that you will reply promptly to email inquiries from the team. Of course, the meaning of “promptly” can vary significantly given the context of the inquiry, ranging from “within five minutes” to “within days.” I trust that everyone will be responsible and act with respect when it comes to our email exchange.
  • Sub-team meetings. Throughout our work together, you will be meeting to collaborate with your colleagues in addition to our regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting. My expectation is that you will arrive on time and ready to contribute during these meetings. When you organize these meetings, please be mindful that not everyone lives on or near campus and that everyone has different personal and professional obligations. If you cannot find a day and time to collaborate in person that can reasonably accommodate all members of your sub-team, you may collaborate via a synchronous virtual meeting (for example, Google Hangout, Skype, Facetime, conference call).
  • Constructive feedback. My expectation is that you will actively seek out feedback of your work from me and your peers; furthermore, the feedback you offer to your peers will be thorough, reflective, critically-informed, and offered in a spirit of generosity.
  • Meritocracy. We will welcome all ideas and build upon those that carry the most resonance and critical weight for or team.
  • Transparency. We will strive to be transparent in our team processes and decision making.

2. Key Deliverables and Learning Competencies (50% of your final grade)

  • Key deliverables. You will complete three key deliverables (see below). Prior to beginning work on each deliverable, I will provide you with a detailed assignment description. We will also collaboratively design expectations for the deliverable, which I will use to evaluate your work. At the end of the project, the team will consult about which deliverables should be published as open education resources. The three key deliverables are:
    • a multimedia case study
    • a pitch video
    • a learning module
  • Learning competencies. Throughout our work together, I will ask you to demonstrate your developing or achieved competencies. These competencies will include both those outlined above as team competencies as well as the individual competencies you set for yourself at the start of our work together. This demonstration will take many forms, such as giving presentations to our team, writing research reports, conducting interviews, iterating and prototyping ideas, reflecting on your work and offering constructive critiques to your peers, and, of course, completion of the key deliverables.


This Bass Connections project team is connected to an Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) course. Crediting is as follows:

  • Students registered for I&E 290: 1 credit
  • Undergraduate students registered for ARTSCI 395: 1 credit
  • Graduate students registered for ARTSCI 795: 3 credits


My expectation is that you will strive to be engaged, respectful, and collaborative members of the team, and that you will take pride in the authentic work we create. Please speak with me immediately if you are confused about what constitutes academic dishonesty, or if you are concerned about your ability to meet the expectations of an assignment.

Adherence to the Duke Community Standard is expected. To uphold the Duke Community Standard:

  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors;
  • I will conduct myself honorably in all my endeavors; and
  • I will act if the Standard is compromised

Anyone found in violation of the Standard will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.


If you need special accommodations due to physical or learning disabilities, medical needs, religious practices, or other reasons, please inform me as soon as possible so we can work to accommodate those needs.