The goals of this project are:

  • (what are the  goals — we will set these collaboratively)
  • (what impact do we want to achieve with our project — we will set these collaboratively)


At the conclusion of your work with the team, the expectation is that you will have achieved competency in:

  • Articulating key theoretical arguments pertaining to open knowledge within the context of information technology and free and remix culture
  • Analyzing emergent trends in education innovation
  • Creating open education resources (for example, multimedia case studies, research reports, policy position statements, learning modules) across media
  • Collaborating with transparency, meritocracy, and inclusivity
  • Demonstrating a creative process informed by design thinking and lean methodology


At the start of our work together, you will identify what specific knowledge and skills you would like to achieve by the end of your work with the team. Throughout our work, I will ask you to reflect upon how you are developing, or how you have achieved, these competencies.