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As a middle age man, I keep my philosophy that “If a man stops learning, that means he is old”. I created this site called “young buck”, because I learned from my students that the American tend to call a young man as a “young buck”. I found that it is very interesting, and I am willing to learn from young people and slow down my aging process. I would like to encourage anyone who happens to read my note to keep learning and keep the moment to learn. May you be young forever.

Young company – fresh idea

I found out that I had forgot my “root” password of mysql server on my macbook pro. Then I found out a detail answer via google search. It takes me to a my own post.

Variphy offers help for a variety of computer science solutions.
AffiliateWindow offers solutions for online business.
AffiliateWindow links to Zanox, which is also a young company does online blog business??

Some inventions related to p16

Initial patent on p16
Ned Sharpless on p16 method
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