Getting started

Create a Duke WordPress site for your course

Faculty and instructors can set up a WordPress site for any course. Click here to get started.

Create a Duke WordPress site for non-course use

Faculty, students and staff can set up a WordPress site for their own use or for collaboration. Click here to get started.

Creating Subsites for groups of students

Subsites allow members of your site to easily create a new site of their own (customizing their site appearance, creating new pages and posts and controlling access to the site) while automatically connecting them to the main (parent) site. Click here to learn more.

Logging into Duke WordPress

How to login to Duke WordPress and find your site.


The first thing you’ll see when you login to your WordPress site is the “Dashboard.” The Dashboard provides access to all the administrative options and features in WordPress. This is also where you’ll add content (by adding pages, creating posts, etc).

Posts and pages

Create content using WordPress posts and pages.

Adding images, video and audio

Instructions and videos for adding images, video and/or audio to posts or pages.

Customizing a WordPress site

This information mostly applies to site administrators, and includes changing a site’s title and appearance.

Adding users

Find out how to add non-Duke and other Duke users to your site.

Understanding user roles

More information on the different roles and capabilities available for users in WordPress.

Privacy settings for sites

Want to make your site public for anyone to read? Maybe you’d like others at Duke to see your site, but not the entire world.

Writing for the web

A few tips and reminders to keep in mind when writing webpages and blog posts for the web.