3D Repository

ArchaeoSource: a MorphoSource 3D data repository for digital preservation and immersive interaction with material culture

This research project will create the largest collection of 3D models representing Etruscan and Roman artifacts coming from urban archaeological excavations in Vulci (Italy), and the first to be publicly accessible. Archiving and dissemination will leverage the repository MorphoSource 2.0 (MS2). MS2 is revolutionary because it is the first platform to provide: a tool for collaborative management of digital artifacts and regularized documentation of complex workflows for creating 3D data based established data models for the digital preservation. Finally, a 3D viewer will be enhanced to support embeddable (iframe) virtual reality experiences that support immersive visualization. The ultimate outcome will be mobilization of accurate digital replicas of archaeological artifacts on a massive scale that transforms the way researchers study and the public gains meaning from material evidence of cultural heritage.

https://morphosource-demo.lib.duke.edu/projects/000200350?locale=en   (temporary link)