Practice Schedule

The following is our typical weekly practice schedule. We don’t take attendance; you may attend however many practices you can manage. One or more of our coaches are often present at Monday and Thursday practices to help with technique and give useful tips. On days off or with unscheduled practice times, we often use a group message to coordinate joint workouts if desired.

If you are new and thinking about joining the club, feel free to show up at any of these practices!


Swim practice, Taishoff Pool (in Wilson Gym), 6:45pm


Brick workout (stationary bike then run), Card Gym track, 6:15pm


Bike+Swim on own time


Track workout, Morris Williams Track, 6:15pm


Swim on own time or recovery day.


Endurance ride, meet at Towerview crosswalks, time to be determined (typically 9:00).


Long run or rest day, your choice