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Lead researchers of the Transplant Survivor Coach study!

Dr. Smith is the primary investigator at Duke University, and Dr. Applebaum is the primary investigator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

“I’ve been conducting research among cancer survivors for 15 years, and discovered that 1-in-3 lymphoma survivors has persistent or worsening symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder over a 5-year period. Our Transplant Survivor Coach study is important to me because it directly addresses those posttraumatic stress symptoms. And, the study design is such that it reflects the “real world” of clinical care and, if successful, could be used as routine care for cancer survivors across the country. I’m deeply humbled to collaborate with Dr. Allison Applebaum and Memorial Sloan Kettering, the cancer center that saved my life following a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma as a teenager over 40 years ago.”    – Dr. Smith

“I have been working with cancer patients and their caregivers for over a decade, and I am committed to developing supportive services that assist them with coping with the emotional and psychological effects of cancer. This study will help us deliver the best care to patients and survivors in need by improving high-quality telepsychiatry. It will also help us address how our burdened healthcare system maximizes its services. It’s an honor to co-lead this study with Dr. Smith, and data from this study will certainly bring us closer to a vision of precision medicine and mental health care in cancer.”    – Dr. Applebaum

Study team members you may see or speak to!

Becca is the research coordinator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Ernaya and Andrea are the research coordinators at Duke University.

“This study is important to me because I am very passionate about the development and use of new technology-based mental health interventions. Working in clinical research is extremely rewarding, and my favorite part of this work is interacting with patients and caregivers! I love working as part of a team that is passionate about making participants’ lives better. There is no better feeling than a participant telling you how much they appreciate the work you do, and because of this, I feel such a sense of purpose and pride for the work that I do. I look forward to speaking with survivors and learning more about their experiences.”   – Becca

Contact Becca at or 646-888-0081.

Contact Ernaya or Andrea at or 919-613-1158.