The Nunn Lab Duke Team and International Partners in Madagascar 2022!


The Nunn Lab conducts research at the nexus of ecology, evolutionary medicine, and global health.  One set of NIH-supported projects investigates land use change and infectious disease dynamics in Madagascar, with implications for human health.  Other projects study infectious disease with a macro-ecological approach, including research on zoonotic disease emergence in humans and the predictors of cross-species transmission.  We generally aim to advance interdisciplinary research to advance evolutionary perspectives on societally important questions.

Charlie Nunn is the PI of the lab.  He has a joint appointment in Evolutionary Anthropology and the Duke Global Health Institute.  He is also Director of the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM), which fuels innovative research at the intersection of evolution, medicine and public health in the Triangle of North Carolina and across the state.

The Nunn Lab is recruiting Ph.D. students and postdocs.  Please contact Charlie Nunn for more information.


Dr. Charles Nunn