Current Lab Members

Charles Nunn is the Principal Investigator
Research Interests: Disease ecology, evolutionary medicine, and primate behavior and ecology.

Michelle Pender is a Project Manager

Research interests:  Global health

Mark Janko is a Lecturer in Global Health and postdoc collaborator in the Nunn Lab.

Research Interests:  Ecology, statistics and population health geography.

Varun Goel is the lead Postdoctoral Researcher on Nunn’s NSF PIPP proposal, and based at UNC

Research Interests:  Spatial epidemiology and spatial statistics

Alma Solis is a Ph.D. student in Evolutionary Anthropology
Research Interests: infectious disease ecology, vector-borne disease, genetics, One Health, health disparities, education and outreach.


Tyler Barrett is a Ph.D. student in Evolutionary Anthropology
Research Interests: Evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary medicine, market integration, and infectious disease.

Hilaree Wade is a Masters of Science in Global Health student
Research Interests:  Nursing, non-communicable disease, global health

Melissa Manus is a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Manitoba, Duke alumna, and visitor in the Nunn Lab

Ashish Subramanian is an undergraduate student in the MUSER program.


Alumni of the Nunn Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

Meredith Spence Beaulieu

Marie-Claire Chellini

James Herrera

David Samson

Debapriyo Chakraborty

Natalie Cooper

Luke Matthews

Hillary Young

Ph.D. Students

Caroline Amoroso

Mathias Franz

Randi Griffin

Collin McCabe

India Schneider-Crease

M.Sc. Students

Kuleni Abebe

Abby Turner

Natalie Wickencamp

Melissa Manus

Christian Arnold

M.A. Students

Courtni France

Research assistants

Casey Farmer

Courtney Werner

Kayla Kauffman

Carissa Novak

Melissa Manus

Ian Miller

James Yu

Alexander Vining

Joel Bray

Joanna Rifkin

Carrie Brezine