Amy L. McNulty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Pathology
Duke University School of Medicine
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University
Dawn Chasse
is a Research Analyst and Laboratory Manager for the McNulty Lab. Currently, she is working on teasing out the differences between young and old chondrocytes utilizing RNAseq and proteomics to elucidate possible mechanisms to rejuvenate old and osteoarthritic tissues.
Jon Ley
is a postdoctoral associate studying regenerative medicine. He is working on fabricating and characterizing scaffolds to engineer meniscus tissue.
A’nna Kelly
is a Biomedical Engineering PhD student in the McNulty Lab. She is currently working to identify mechanosensitive pathways in the meniscus by applying mechanical stimuli to meniscus tissue. Understanding these pathways will increase knowledge in meniscus repair, regeneration, and osteoarthritis prevention.
Vianna Martinez
is a Pathology PhD student in the McNulty Lab. She is working to identify critical age-related mechanoresponsive pathways in articular cartilage tissue to modulate these pathways and prevent osteoarthritis development.
Allison Robinson
is a Pathology PhD student in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology training program. She is investigating the effects of blood on the meniscus and the cellular responses to joint injury. Understanding the consequences of blood and its constituents on meniscus tissue could point to developmental pathways of post-traumatic osteoarthritis.
Chris Otap
is a Research Technician II investigating the effects of weight loss, ACL, and meniscus repair on cartilage strain and post-traumatic osteoarthritis development.
Sebastian Pino
is a Research Technician II investigating biochemical changes that result from ACL and meniscus injuries, as well as the impact of weight loss on cartilage strain and osteoarthritis development.
Pranav Rastogi
is a Duke Undergraduate Researcher that is working on understanding the influence of blood on meniscus tissue repair and post-traumatic osteoarthritis development and the influence of age-related changes on cartilage homeostasis.
Navjot Rehal
is a Duke Biomedical Engineering master’s student
Nikol Trajkovski Polastri
is a Duke Undergraduate Intern