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The McNulty Lab is developing strategies to prevent osteoarthritis and promote tissue repair and regeneration following joint injury. To accomplish this, we are working in three main areas. 1) We are working to understand the pathways activated by normal and injurious mechanical loading of cartilage and meniscus and how these mechanotransduction pathways are altered during aging, injury, and tissue degeneration. A greater understanding of alterations in mechanosensitive signaling mechanisms with aging and injury will likely reveal potential targets to promote tissue repair and prevent degeneration and osteoarthritis development. 2) We are developing meniscus tissue-engineered constructs that will be utilized to repair and replace meniscus tissue lost due to injury and surgical resection. 3)  We are focusing on the biological and biomechanical changes in the joint following meniscus injury and how these may contribute to osteoarthritis development.   

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