The World Around Us

Photographs from students in Introduction to Digital Photography



Instructors: Phyllis B. Dooney and Jeremy M. Lange


Seeing through the windows of my house, Singapore, 2020. Photo © Alethea Toh.
We’re all in this Together. Photo © Summer Smith, 2020
Lonely Package. Photo © Duncan Trerotola 2020
Learning From Home. Photo © Allison Dear
A New Day. Photo © Nicola Morris 2020
Unwashed dishes pile up in the sink, reflecting sunlight. Photo © Julia Henegar
Light activities in Durham, North Carolina. Photo © Emily Fechner
Hosting a socially-distanced Seder on our back deck. Photo © Tess Johnson
COVID Cruising. Photo © Monica Desjardins 2020.
Hanging Masks. Photo © Kelly Zhang 2020
Six Feet Next Door. Photo @ Carol Xia 2020
Sunset peeks out of a passing storm. The rain got on my lens. Photo © Kelby Welsh
Untitled. Photo © Shubham Joshi
Once a week, my neighbors come out at 7pm, while maintaining social distance, to bang pots and pans to make noise at the shift change for the hospital a few blocks away. It is a way to honor and thank those on the front lines, but also a great way to connect our community during this time. Photo © D’amy Steward, 2020.


“Dad’s Birthday”, Katie Tsai
“Untitled” (self-portrait), Anika Birewar
“Bandana, Handprint, Scream”, Anna Savelyeva
“A businessman holds a cigar”, Will Herbst
“sale sale sale”, Avery Brown
“Whale Watching”, Chelsea Schlacks
“Luna walks through a meadow”, Christian Olsen
“Downtown Durham”, Alice Chen
“Human creation and nature”, Babu Chatterjee
“Brunch”, Molly Carmody
“Home. Video Chat.”, Kianna Forbes
“Bus Station”, Yunhao Qing
“Gabriel and Dad Pressure Cleaning”, Deborah Ades
“Untitled”, Gustavo Sosa Macias
“Duke Gardens” (self-portrait), Sarah Royka



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