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Demo Presentation at IPSN ’23 Co-located with CPS-IoT Week

The demo for Edge-based Augmented Reality Guidance System for Retinal Laser Therapy was presented at IPSN ’23 (co-located with CPS-IoT Week) in San Antonio, Tx. Participants were able to wear our custom ophthalmoscope-integrated AR headset and navigate the retina phantom model with contextual guidance in AR. We had many attendees showing their interest in our work. This news is also featured as a news article on Duke Eye Center’s webpage, https://dukeeyecenter.duke.edu/news/duke-phd-student-presents-research-utilizing-ar-guidance-system-retinal-laser-therapy.

Poster Presentation at ARVO Annual Meeting ’23

Our work on Augmented Reality for Retinal Laser Therapy was presented during the poster session at ARVO Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. We showcased the custom AR headset integrated with the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and let other ARVO attendees try out our AR app to see the retinal landmark hologram in the view of the ophthalmoscope lens. We are grateful that we received a big interest from both engineers and doctors at ARVO.


Workshop Presentation at IEEE VR ’23

A pilot study of the investigation of thermal perception and emotional response in Augmented Reality (AR) using digital biomarkers was virtually presented at the XR for Healthcare and Wellbeing workshop, co-located with IEEE VR 2023. This work is along the line of our goal in enhancing dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill exercises with AR. The team will continue analyzing the physiological data collected during the pilot user study, and developing more realistic AR settings in manipulating users’ thermal perceptions for the future user study. The paper can be found here: [Paper]

Demo Presentation at ACM SenSys ’22

A demo, AR-magnifier for retinal laser therapy was presented in 2022 ACM SenSys, held in Boston from Nov. 6th to 9th. This works highlights a real-time AR magnification system using sensing and edge computing, collaborated with Duke Ophthalmology. We received a large amount of interest and great feedback from the community. More information about the demo can be found here: [Paper][Video]


NeuroLens Accepted to IEEE ISMAR 2022

The conference paper, NeuroLens: Augmented Reality-based Contextual Guidance through Surgical Tool Tracking in Neurosurgery has been accepted to IEEE ISMAR 2022 (Acceptance rate: 21%) [Link].

CRA Grad Cohort for Women ’22

NeuroLens: Augmented Reality-based Contextual Guidance for Assisting Neurosurgeons in Ventriculostomy was presented during the poster session at the CRA Grad Cohort for Women in New Orleans, LA. (April 21, 2022)

IEEE VR Workshop 2022

The workshop paper, AR-Assisted Surgical Guidance System for Ventriculostomy, was presented virtually at the XR for Healthcare and Wellbeing Workshop, co-located with IEEE VR 2022 [Paper] (March 13, 2022).

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