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Roy Lab


Principal Investigator

Tania Roy, PhD

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering




Brief Bio:

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (2016-22)

Postdoctoral scholar, University of California, Berkeley (2014-16)

Postdoctoral fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology (2011-13)

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University (2006-11)

B.E. (Hons.), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BITS Pilani, India (2002-06)



Postdoctoral Associates


Arijit Sarkar, PhD

Arijit completed his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. During PhD, his research work was on Si nanostructures and Si memnbrane based optoelectronic devices. Before joining Roy Lab he worked as a post doc at Yonsei University and Gachon University in South Korea. Currently, his research focus is on optically stimulated artificial synapses. 

In his leisure, Arijit likes to travel and go for hiking. He has a knack for travel photography, sketching and reading story books. 





Graduate students

Md Sazzadur Rahman

Sazzad completed his undergraduate studies from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in EEE department. Before joining Roy Lab, he conducted research on photovoltaic devices and nanostructures. Now his research focuses are optoelectronic and electronic neuromorphic devices.

He has a keen interest on traveling, hiking, fitness, amateur photography, listening to music and watching thought-provoking movies. One of his unique attributes is he has a movie archive from over 110 countries around the world. He loves coffee and will never refuse a cup ever, even at midnight!





Jiazheng Chen

Jiazheng Joined Roy Lab in 2023. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Central South University in 2021 and then furthered his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, obtaining his Master’s degree in 2023. His primary research interest is in the realm of nanoelectronic devices. Outside the lab, he is a fervent sports enthusiast.









Xudong Zhuang

Xudong was born in Xiamen, China, and received his bachelor’s degree at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 2020, majoring in energy and power engineering. During his undergrad period, he worked on atomistic modeling and simulation for hydrogen energy storage materials. He then obtained his first master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, during which he started to explore other fields of interest. Once he graduated from the first master’s degree, he decided to shift to the field of nanoelectronics and obtained his second master’s degree in materials science and engineering at Northwestern University in 2022, where he worked on neuromorphic computing devices, crossbar arrays, and algorithm showcasing. During this period of time, he obtained various skills, including materials synthesis, device fabrication and characterization, device modeling, and algorithm development. At Roy Lab, he will continue his exploration of neuromorphic/in-memory computing, particularly focusing on devices and circuits for energy-efficient AI acceleration.

Besides his scientific work, he has been a serious French horn player for ten years and served as the principal horn of his high school symphony orchestra and HUST symphony orchestra. He still serves on the advisory board of his high school symphony orchestra, where he provides musical instructions with a particular focus on the brass section when needed.  Additionally, he is a gym guy working on strengthening his body and a basketball player trying to improve his shooting skills.






Undergraduate students

Broden Murray

Broden is an upperclassman in the Digital Systems concentration of the Electrical and Computer Engineering + Computer Science program at Duke, with a minor in score-focused music. He’s enjoyed programming since middle school, but his drive to uncover abstraction led him to hardware design. His professional dream is to design microarchitectures or beyond-CMOS transistor devices.
Classically trained in violin as a child, he was moved to apply an engineering spirit to music theory and fiddling with music production. And, being from California, he has a deep love for the nature of the Western U.S. He is also big on running and lifting. Ask him about his playlists.


Dr. Sonali Das (Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Central Florida)

Dr. Molla Manjurul Islam (Senior Engineer I-Device, Microchip Technology Inc.)

Ricardo Martinez, M.S. (Neuralink)

Dr. Adithi Krishnaprasad (TD Module and Integration Yield Engineer, Intel)

Dr. Durjoy Dev (Front End Process Integration Engineer, Intel)

Hirokjyoti Kalita, M.S. (NAND Product Engineer, Micron Technology)

Madison Manley (PhD student at Georgia Tech)

Victor Rodriguez (PhD student at CMU)

Anya Lenox Martin

Victor Okonkwo

Haley Heldmeyer

Moarabi Kakabalo