Giving to RNI

Over 60 Duke faculty members are affiliated with Regeneration Next, representing a wide swath of research areas, biomedical engineering applications, and clinical expertise. Our greatest challenge in uncovering mechanisms of regeneration and bringing them to patient care is adequate funding for interdisciplinary, groundbreaking research. Please consider investing in Regeneration Next to help Duke make breakthrough discoveries and bring them closer to clinical use through the following philanthropic opportunities.

Duke Regeneration Neighborhood
The Duke Regeneration Neighborhood will be a space for multiple labs working on tissue regeneration to share equipment and research support, and will constitute a vibrant think-tank. This multidisciplinary space will focus on understanding regenerative potential of organs like the lung, heart, kidney and spinal cord. Our goal will be to discover how regeneration occurs and innovate methods to enhance tissue regeneration in laboratory models – and ultimately in patients. The Regeneration Neighborhood will be the flagship of the Initiative, with infrastructure, equipment, and space to enable key research projects.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Help establish an endowment that will fund our Regeneration Next fellows program. We currently support up to four Fellows per year by granting competitive awards to the most promising young researchers in the area of regenerative medicine at Duke. The RNI Fellows program supports promising scientists at the beginning of their careers, helps Duke attract future leaders in the field of regenerative research, and establishes a strong community of researchers that will have a global impact on the field for generations to come.

Graduate Research Fellowship in Tissue Regeneration
Enable Duke to support graduate research programs by educating and training talented young scientists who seek knowledge and experience in the emerging field of regenerative biology and medicine. Philanthropic support will allow graduate students to perform research projects in regenerative medicine in a Duke laboratory, attend courses, and to shadow clinicians working in the field. This is an investment in the education of the world’s most promising young minds, as well as an investment in making Duke a premier destination for top young scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Research Funding
Provide important current-use funding for research in a number of critical tissue- or disease-specific areas. Current-use research funding can be designated to support areas of research in regenerative medicine that focus on the heart, spine, brain, bone, kidney, liver, lung, or other tissues. Alternatively, current-use research funding can be designated to support disease-specific research areas such as blood disorders, heart failure, and spinal cord injury, or neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for research and education. To make a gift now, visit our secure giving page. To discuss options for making a gift to Regeneration Next, please contact Kenneth Poss,