A top medical center requires a strong presence in regenerative science and medicine. The DRC takes over the functions of Regeneration Next Initiative (RNI), Duke’s successful program in regenerative science and medicine, active from 2015 to 2020. RNI created a formal community and collaborative environment, hosted large events, led recruits of 4 outstanding new faculty, and supported trainees through several mechanisms including full 2-year postdoctoral fellowships. DRC will build on the accomplishments of RNI to grow and support regenerative science and medicine along with its partnering Departments.



(L-R) Nenad Bursac, PhD. Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Co-Director)
Ben Alman, MD, Professor & Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery (Co-Director)
Dave Sherwood, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology (Co-Director)
Ken Poss, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology & Biology (Director)
Elena Adlaf, PhD
Speaker: Elena Adlaf, PhD, Department of Cell Biology