[Originally recorded on 3-4-23]

“Before one disaster is over, here’s another!” Pretty much sums up all the chapters lately. – Dani
Our heroic trio Waiyee, Ann, and Eileen are reunited (thank you Shelly!) for the penultimate episode discussing Chapters 110-115, alongside the rest of our #ReadingTheStone community. A wide-ranging conversation today from Hou Hsiao-hsien’s City of Sadness to Everything, Everywhere All At Once – but also a deeper dive into the notion of qing 情 as we encounter it in this story and in Chinese philosophical discourse, thanks to Wei and Waiyee.  Several character deaths explored – Faithful, Xifeng, Grandmother Jia, and  Adamantina – as we head to the end.


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Laurie: It’s ok to talk ahead cuz it’s clear all is going to hell.

Kate: If this is anything like how it happened IRL, I can see why Cao didn’t finish the book.

Dani K.: Haha, Laurie

Shelly: “Heroic Trio” the original version: Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung,  Anita Mui. “Heroic Trio” the sequel: Eileen Chow, Ann Waltner, Li Wai-Yee (assign your corresponding roles accordingly)

Wei: I want to have the reunion chat of HLM and EEAAO. Is this too much to ask?