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Week 9 Insights

This week we used our interviews to get further feedback on our prototype. Based on last week’s feedback we added more interfaces and visualization tools. This task was spearheaded by Bettie. The response this week has been positive. We discovered that when dealing with analytics, it is important to have benchmarks to compare. These “golden references” are soldiers who are the highest performers. If we can break down these soldiers into groups based on characteristics, we may be able to help our client figure out what is seperating the highest performers from the rest of the pack.





Primary Data Users

  1. Cognitive Performance Coaches
  2. Data Analysts
  3. Research Psychologist

Other Beneficiaries

  1. Instructors (Cadre)
  2. Trainees
  3. SWCS Commander






Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Academic Instruction Director | SWEG


  • Briefly viewed prototype but had computer issues
  • Acquisition process for our product may not be too difficult if the product is relatively inexpensive, could likely be purchased through a simple contract/credit card.
  • Issue is, who has the money? LTC Thomas would likely have to lobby either SWCS, USASOC or SOCOM. Process could take months to years depending on politics and who has the money.
Mitch Health | CEO at TeamWorks

  • These are the questions we should be asking:
    1. “What is the one thing you want if you could see w/in 20 seconds?”
    2. “What do you think is the most important takeaway from this page?”
    3. “If you were presenting a page for your boss, then what would you include in there?”
  • Rank list of priorities for the person to minimize having too many features
Phil Williams | CEO of Phil Williams LLC

  • Compare trainees to the “golden references”
  • Need golden references for gender, age group – we need to create golden references by other groups
  • Figure out average performance of high performers
Morgan Hall | SOCEP CPC


  • “It’s all about progression – what is the baseline is and how do I progress on these various indices from that baseline?”
  • Operational GB who have been here many years and have had many deployments would be the golden reference
  • Would use it most likely when he is having a one on one with the soldier to see which areas they think they’re struggling in
Constance Garcia | Data Manager


  • Put the following into soldier info: age, rank, years of service, deployment & how many years deployed, highest education, prior & current MOS (military occupational specialty)
  • LOVES: holistic performance overview (spider web graph) – she loves it b/c it shows how each part plays into the other
  • Don’t use personal ID information b/c they don’t want this to go on their record – take out “John A.”
Travis Nicks | Former Navy Submarine nuclear operator for 10 years


  • Based on his 10 years experience working on technology innovation at Navy, it’s very hard to get devices approved to connect to the internet due to risks of cybersecurity threat
    • Even get approved, there will be many constraints on the use case
  • Metrics can be used to measure anxiety level besides hrv includes:
    • Breathing rate
    • Sweat
    • Saliva – hydration level
    • Stand still -motion range
Barbara Plotkin | CPT USSOCOM former instructor


  • We need to be more hands off during captain’s career course training
  • Mission analysis is always taken in the form of a problem statement
  • Funding begins in October, 4 cycles of CCC, then ends on the end of September
  • Comptroller looks at historical data and decides if the needs of CCC are being met with the current level of funding.
Seth Spradley | Data Analyst


  • Prototype holds up well visually. Graph presentation is very effective.
  • Interested in seeing more of the achievement history in the soldier performance tab
  • Was confused if we were solely focussing on Green Berets or are also including civil affairs and psyops. (regardless, this system should be able to scale to meet their needs)
Alexandra Hanson | Research Analyst

  • “There has been a lot of people pushing for this information, but it has been hard to get units to share information” (about developing golden references)
  • The quality of candidates that we were getting almost twenty years ago is remarkably different than the quality of candidates that we are getting today – seventeen years ago, 9/11 happened so we had wall street bankers, Master’s degrees candidates so the quality of education that people are coming in with are very different.
  • Visually represent in an intuitive large amounts of data – CPC’s need a platform that brief them on data in an intuitive and self explanatory way
Gabriella Shull | Duke Biomedical Engineering PhD  @ BX/NC


  • Visual attention EEG
  • Can refer us to PhD in cognitive performance and neuron science if needed
  • Look into cognitive brain science
    • What affect focus and attention  





  1. Having the prototype stand out visually is key to selling it as a solution.
  2. While there are many competing wants and needs, we should prioritize the most important features and not include everything.
  3. “Golden Standard” for recruits needs to be established in order to provide benchmarks for analysis and can be compared to things such as the group average.





  1. Full deployment of the MVP may still involve a hardware component that is not anywhere near development ready.
  2. Rapid deployment is also linked to funding availability. At this point in time this would mean looking for unobligated funds in either SWCS, USASOC or SOCOM.
  3. Network security/device approval process is still a major hurdle.





  1. We need to start narrowing down metrics in order to build a robust data system that can run the statistical analysis that our client wants.
  2. Once we have our metrics figured out, how do we go about linking soldier strengths and weaknesses to possible training interventions?
  3. Who do we really need to get to in order to sell our product?


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