New paper describes POMMS study methods, baseline data, and early insights.

McCann, J.R., Bihlmeyer, N.A., Roche, K., Catherine, C., Jawahar, J., Kwee, L.C., Younge, N.E., Silverman, J., Ilkayeva, O., Sarria, C., Zizzi, A., Wootton, J., Poppe, L., Anderson, P., Arlotto, M., Wei, Z.Z., Granek, J.A., Valdivia, R.H., David, L.A., Dressman, H.K., Newgard, C.B., Shah, S.H., Seed, P.C., Rawls, J.F., and Armstrong, S.C. (2021) The Pediatric Obesity Microbiome and Metabolism Study (POMMS): Methods, baseline data, and early insights. Obesity 29(3):569-578.

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