Our Program

As Peer Success Leaders, we’re here to help you! We are a group of student academic leaders on campus who want to provide a holistic approach to academic success and expose you to all that Duke offers. Sometimes, meeting with an adult or a professor can be intimidating, so we’re here to talk to you about anything that you’re struggling with. We can assist you as you navigate academic-related decisions, develop learning strategies, embrace well-being, and pursue purpose at Duke. As PSLs, we share how we formed meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty, help you navigate online registration, and help you learn to distinguish what is merely popular from what is individually meaningful to you. We’ll provide resources through one-on-one interactions, programming, content creation, and campus outreach. As a program in OUE’s Division of Student Success, we work closely with the Academic Guides, the Academic Resource Center, and the Academic Advising Center, as well academic deans and college advisors, so we’re always happy to connect you with further help and people who can guide you forward. We are available via email (peersuccessleaders@duke.edu), Facebook, this website, or Instagram (@dukepeersuccess) and regularly sponsor events in East Campus dorms and neighborhoods, so keep an eye out for us!