Overview of Nixon’s Lab

The Phase I Biomarker Laboratory was established by Dr. Nixon in 2004.  The research goal is to develop optimal biomarker tests that will help cancer patients to get the right drug, at the right time, at the right dose.  This is at the core of “Precision Medicine” and is fundamental to cancer drug development occurring today.  We are part of Duke Cancer Institute, with close collaborations with physicians specialized in gastrointestinal cancers (GI) and prostate & urologic cancers (GU).

Andrew B. Nixon, Ph.D., MBA
Associate professor in Medicine

Since 2017, we’ve been assigned as NCI-approved reference lab regarding plasma based biomarkers.  We also collaborate with Alliance, CCSC, Crew and other cooprative groups.

We have analyzed multiple cooperative group studies, including CALGB 80303, 90206, 80405, 90401, 90601, GOG218, etc.  Our ultimate goal is to identify predictive biomarkers to inform clinical decision making by matching therapies to patients to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity.