Nixon Laboratory

Dr. Andrew Nixon is a Professor of Medicine at Duke University and Director of the Duke Phase I Biomarker Laboratory, a credentialed Molecular Reference Laboratory for the evaluation blood-based biomarkers within the Alliance oncology cooperative group.  Our overall research goal is to develop optimal biomarker tests that will help cancer patients receive the right drug, at the right time, at the right dose.  This is at the core of “Precision Medicine” and fundamental to cancer drug development today. Our research focuses on the interrogation of circulating markers found in the blood, referred to as the ‘liquid biopsy’, pursuing the development of novel biomarkers for immuno-oncology and anti-angiogenic agents.

The laboratory is a part of Duke Cancer Institute, closely collaborating with clinical colleagues in gastrointestinal cancers (GI), gynecologic cancers (GYN), and prostate & urologic cancers (GU).  Recently, Dr. Andrew Nixon was named Associate Director for correlative sciences for the newly established Duke Center for Cancer Immunotherapy.  Within the Alliance Oncology Cooperative Group, he serves as an executive member of the Translational Research Program, vice-Chair for GI correlative research, and has recently been appointed to co-Chair the newly established Immuno-Oncology Committee. Overall, the laboratory has extensive experience in coordinating both small and large multi-center correlative studies, incorporating a wide array of biomarker approaches to best address the most relevant questions or biological themes.