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What about COVID?

Visitors to Duke are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19. For more on Duke’s visitor policy as it pertains to COVID: https://returnto.duke.edu/campus-visitors/


How are candidates selected? 

Candidates are selected on:

1) excellence in scientific research

2) the likelihood that they will contribute to enhancing efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion amongst the Duke faculty and more broadly in the biomedical research community

3) research interest synergy with current faculty at Duke, who can act as a mentor to the fellow.


What are the benefits to the fellow?

The fellow will network with a cohort of other fellows, will establish a mentored relationship with Duke faculty who may become future collaborators, will get to know the Duke environment, will gain visibility for future Duke faculty searches, and will gain valuable mentoring insight into the academic job market.


Are fellows competing with one another?

No. We select fellows from distinct areas of the broad area of STEM research, each with distinct departments/centers at Duke that they best align with. Also, the fellows are not competing for a job during the visit to Duke, but are there to showcase their research and have networking opportunities and career skills training.


Did applicants have to have a published paper to apply? 

No. This is intended to be an early exposure program and we understand that publication often happens at the latter stages of a postdoctoral fellowship. We encourage reference letter writers to indicate when an expected publication may occur. We also encourage the use of preprint manuscripts in support of an application.


Can Duke postdocs apply?



Can senior research associates apply?

Yes. Anyone with a minimum of two years of postdoctoral fellowship experience who are not yet independent investigators may apply.