About Me

My name is William Martino and I am a first year Master of Science Candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University with a Graduate certificate in Aerospace Research. I am primarily interested in structural analysis and design, dynamics, composite materials, and computational methods. Outside of my coursework, I conduct research for the Nonlinear Dynamics Group under Professor Lawrence Virgin where I leverage 3D printing to interrogate the vibrational and buckling characteristics of various structural configurations. Additionally, I am active in Duke AERO’s Structures and Student Researched and Developed (SRAD) Solid Propulsion teams.¬†

For more about me and my background feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Past Projects

  • Script for automatic creation and extraction of outputs from Abaqus¬†
  • Bachelor Thesis: Physics Informed Neural Networks for Thermomechanical Simulations
  • Script to apply Classical Laminate Theory and the Tsai-Wu Criterion to composite laminates