The Concept

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Design Process and Planning

  • Ideation, design alternatives
    • Using Open Source from Thingsverse to build a 6-freedom Robot Arm
    • Combing Roboting Arm, Camera to complete a gripping work.
  • Ranking of ideas
    • What ranking system did you use?
  • How did you manage your project?
    • Who was in charge of what?
    • What were all the tasks you identified early on?
    • Which ones did you not think about at all?  (Save this item for the lessons learned in the Conclusion)


  • Parts, Bill of Materials
    • Using 3D printing to building the Robot Arm
    • Buy a Intel RealSense Camera to be the senser
  • Manufacturing processes used
    • 3D Print


  • Preliminary results
    • Debugging and shake-down of experiment
    • Make sure all the systems communicate and work
  • Analysis, Discussion
    • Your results may not be what you expected
    • Consider why this may be the case
    • If you are able to get data that can be analyzed rigorously (not expected), what methods would you use to reduce the information into generalizable knowledge?

Conclusion and Future Work

  • Lessons learned
    • How would you do things differently the next time you design?
    • What advice do you have for someone who wants to replicate your project?
  • Next steps
    • How would you advise the next group of students who take on your project?
    • What other types of experiments can now be performed on the same system?