Group News 2016

September 16, 2016 – Hope is awarded a URS independent study grant. Congrats, Hope!

August 21-25, 2016: Kangnan presented a talk and Paige presented a poster at the 252nd National ACS Meeting in Philadelphia.


July 24–29, 2016 – Steve presented a poster at the Stereochemistry GRC at Salve Regina University.

July 22, 2016- Kangnan was awarded the Burroughs Wellcome fellowship. Nice work, Kangnan!

July 17–22, 2016 – Steve presented a poster at the Organic Reactions & Processes GRC at Stonehill College.

June 20, 2016- Nathan was awarded the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program Fellowship! Great job, Nathan!

June 6, 2016- The Malcolmson Lab was awarded an ACS Petroleum Research Fund Grant!

May 24, 2016- Gus’s paper is now published online!

May 23, 2016- Paige was awarded the GAANN Fellowship. Congrats!

May 20, 2016- Gus’s paper on Schiff base 15N hyperpolarization accepted to Chemistry-A European Journal. Nice work, Gus!

May 14, 2016- Our seniors have graduated! Congrats to Jason, who was the first student to join the group and congrats to Jon, who graduated with distinction!

March 29, 2016- Allie received an Honorable Mention for the 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program! Congrats!

February 15, 2016- Hope and Jason are both awarded URS independent study grants!

February 1, 2016- Gus’s paper on the Ir-catalyzed hyperpolarization of diazirines has been accepted to Science Advances.  Congratulations, Gus!