Group News 2015 Before


December 16, 2015- Three new graduate students joined the lab: Alexandria Weber, Nathan Adamson, and Ethan Hull. Welcome to the group!!

October 29, 2015- Jonathan Litvak’s work from his summer internship has been published in The FASEB Journal. Nice work Jon! Be sure to read his paper “Towards New Insights in Epithelial Ion Channels Regulation by the ER Luminal Chaperone ERp29”

September 15, 2015- Jon and Luke were also awarded URS independent study grants! Congrats to all our wonderful undergrads!

September 11, 2015- Hope and Jason were awarded URS independent study grants. Congratulations guys!

August 4-6, 2015 – Steve was invited to participate in the NIH New Faculty in Organic and Biological Chemistry Mentoring Workshop in Dallas, TX.

July 19-24, 2015 – Steve presented a poster at the GRC Organic Reactions & Processes meeting at Bates College.

July 12-17, 2015 – Steve presented a poster at the GRC Organometallic Chemistry meeting at Salve Regina University.

May 2015- Kangnan Li is awarded the Kathleen Zielek Fellowship for the spring of 2016. Congratulations Kangnan!

April 21, 2015- Paige Daniel passes her preliminary examination! Congratulations Paige!

April 10, 2015- Kangnan Li passes his preliminary examination! Congratulations Kangnan!

March 2015- Jason Luo is awarded a Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulations Jason!

March 2015- Jason Luo is awarded an Undergraduate Research Support Grant. Congratulations Jason!

March 2015- Hope Knochenhauer is awarded a fellowship from the Duke chemistry department to conduct summer research. Congratulations Hope!

February 2015- Luke Tseng joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Luke!

January 2015- Hope Knochenhauer joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Hope!

September 2014-Jason Luo and Jonathan Litvak were awarded the Undergraduate Research Support Grant. Congratulations, Jason and Jon!

August 27, 2014- Jonathan Litvak joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Jon!

August 1, 2014- Gus Logan, our first postdoctoral scientist, joins the group. Welcome, Gus!

December 16, 2013- The first two graduate students have officially joined the Malcolmson group! Welcome, Paige Daniel and Kangnan Li!

September 2013- Jason Luo, our first undergraduate, joined the Malcolmson group!