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Bonus episode: Nancy Andrews

Thanks to everyone who helped make the pilot season of Voices of Duke Health a satisfying success. We hope you enjoyed listening to the podcast as much we enjoyed working with all the participants of the listening booth.

We’re making plans for season two, with an expansion of the listening booth and more conversations from colleagues and visitors across Duke. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we thought Voices of Duke Health listeners might enjoy this vignette about Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD, dean emerita of the Duke University School of Medicine. Folklorist Joseph O’Connell interviewed Dr. Andrews for the Duke Medical Center Library and Archives, and produced this bonus episode for us.

As a teenager, Dr. Andrews brought some unusual house guests back to her parents’ home in upstate New York: 30 live horseshoe crabs. In this bonus episode, Andrews looks back on her early formation as a physician-scientist and her journey to becoming the first woman dean of a top ten medical school.

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