An industry perspective: “Three National Security Issues We Will Need to Address in the Next Three Years”

At LENS’ 24th Annual National Security Law conference the attendees were treated to a spectacular keynote  by Craig Silliman, Verizon’s executive vice president-public policy and general counsel.  The announced title of his presentation was “Three National Security Issues We Will Need to Address in the Next Five Years,” but at the conference he said: 

“You may notice in your agenda it actually says in the next five years. But over the past two weeks I noticed that two of the topics I want to talk about today have been in the news almost daily. So I decided we needed more of a sense of urgency. I’m compressing it to three years. That’s the pace of change in which we live today.”

He could not have been more right!  Here are the riveting questions Craig addressed: 

  1. How the government will obtain technical assistance for new technologies?
  2. How will the battle over Huawei end?
  3. What do we do about deep fakes?

You’ll want to know the answers.  Fortunately, Craig covers a lot of ground, and does so in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate.  Among other things, he’ll tell you why you don’t hear about people getting attacked by cows.  Intrigued?  This spell-binding presentation is one you don’t want to miss, and you can find the video here.

As we like to say on Lawfire®, check the facts, assess the law and arguments, and decide for yourself!

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