An op-ed on “The Hill” for your consideration: “Why a Russia probe may make the left squirm, too, not just the right”

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has announced that it will open its probe of alleged Russian interference with America’s election with public hearings on March 20th.  There is no question that we have to get the bottom of all this for many reasons, and the sooner the process starts, the better.  My sense is, however, that many people assume (hope?) that this inquiry and other related ones will undermine the Trump administration.

Maybe so, but like so many things in the law (and politics!), it’s more complicated than that.  In a new op-ed on The Hill website (“Why a Russia probe may make the left squirm, too, not just the right”), I try to suggest that if the various investigations are done in a truly thorough and impartial way, you will find some really discomforting moments no matter where you are on the political spectrum .

That may not be a bad thing.  I’m convinced that we need a frank, wide-ranging, and unapologetically bipartisan dialogue on a number issues.  If the probes are conducted the right way, they could generate a genuinely thoughtful and even cathartic national discussion.  We can only hope!

Anyway, remember our mantra: judge for yourself!  Again, the op-ed is found here.


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