Facebook’s Monika Bickert speaks at Duke Law about the challenges confronting the social media giant

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being grilled by Congress this week over his company’s privacy policies, as well as its broader responsibilities as a communications and information platform for some 2.13 billion users worldwide. (A transcript of the Senate hearing is found here, and the House committee’s is found here.) The hearings were spawned by the reports about the exploitation by Cambridge Analytica of data involving some 87 million Facebook users.

A little more than a month and a half ago Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy, was a keynote speaker for the 2018 LENS conference.  Interviewed by Duke Law’s David Hoffman, she spoke about a wide variety of issues, including the very complex challenge of a global company dealing with hate speech and other unwanted material on its platform.

In addition she also talked about such topics as Facebook’s efforts to ensure user privacy, the conundrum of “fake news,” safeguarding election integrity, as well as what the company is doing to counter terrorists and other nefarious persons who try to use Facebook products.  She also shared some insights about her experience as a lawyer moving to a policy position in industry, and what she looks for when hiring people.

Her interview is now available here, and I highly-recommend it.

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